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Anemia can be simply defined as a condition characterized by a reduction in circulating red blood cells (RBCs) which carry oxygen to the body’s organs.

Risk Factors:

Some common causes of anemia are poor nutritional intake (iron and vitamin B12), chronic diseases (bone marrow conditions, cancer, chemotherapy, inflammation,chronic renal failure) and bleeding such as trauma, surgical procedures, heavy menstruation or multiple pregnancies.

Signs and Symptoms:

Feeling tired,
feeling irritable,
shortness of breath,
dizziness or a fast heartbeat,
pica (eating clay or dirt)
and pagophagia (eating ice).

Diagnosis and Treatment:

Please consult your healthcare provider and a blood test can determine if you have anemia. Treatment will involve treating the underlying disease or cause of the bleeding and adding medications such as iron supplements along with dietary changes. In some cases, blood transfusion might be required.

Follow up and Holistic Care:

Your healthcare provider might choose to keep you on iron tablets. A referral to a hematologist might be warranted if your doctor deemed it necessary.